Our programs need you! We'd love for you to join us!


What: Supervise/play with babies to 3 while parent is in the same room attending a workshop.

When: Fridays from 9 - 2pm

Contact: Juzenia at [ juzenia@ahouseonbeekman.org ]

Babies to three

preK Classes

What: Assist for a window of time in a 3K, PreK, or PreK after care classroom

When: M-F 8:30-5:30

Contact: Sloan at [ sloan@ahouseonbeekman.org ]

*DOE fingerprinting may be required for consistent volunteers


What: After School Tutor - assist leaders with homework help/extra curricular activities if necessary. If you are interested in bringing a large group of volunteers, please consider putting together some programming to share with the kids. Please reach out to Oxil for further details. 

When: Mondays 3 - 5 (unless another date is set with Oxil) 

Contact: Oxil [ oxil@ahouseonbeekman.org ] 

What: "Meet Our Community" Presentation

When: Every Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm (sign up for one open slot)

Why: It is an opportunity for you to share your story/journey through life with middle school students who are eager to learn through other's experiences. Allow what you have experience to shed light on student who might one day be on a similar path. (You are not required to share for the entire hour and this time can look however you want it to look!) 

Contact: Derek [ derek@ahouseonbeekman.org ]



What: Volunteers from NYC or Mission Teams willing to come to NYC and stay for a week to help lead camp programming

When: Throughout the month of July

Contact: Derek [ derek@ahouseonbeekman.org ]